The so-called "grape healthcure" came to us on the wave of a great popular consensus which first came about in Switzerland and Germany, and which took root subsequently in the north of Italy and the south of France shortly after the beginning of nineteenth century.

As a result of its proven purifying and detoxifying effects, the grape healthcure is practised by hundreds of thousands of people every year.

The grape healtcure is planned over an average duration of one week and takes place in September, October and the first half of November.

The wine healthcure involves the imbibing of wine at inusual times, in moderate doses - cold without food in the morning and warm just before going to bed.

The wine,which has distinctive qualitative characteristics guaranteed absolutely in the production process, is a red wine rich in malic acid and iron and is prepared according to ancient recipes at the University Clinics of Wien and Lubljana.

The wine healthcure is available all year round at the "Alle Ruote" Agriturismo subject to the booking of a stay of at least a week.

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